7 Gorgeous Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Have you just begun planning your wedding? If so, congratulations!

Wedding planning can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work and it can be hard to know where to start. There are a million different ways to make your wedding unique and here are just a few of them:

  1. Use Accent Colours

If you love bold colours but also love the serene and peaceful ambience that comes from traditional wedding white, don’t feel you have to choose between the two. Why not set your favourite colours, no matter how how bold, against a gorgeous white background. Opt for white tablecloths, chair covers, and drapes and accent with strong reds, pinks, or blues in the form of table dressings, centerpieces, wedding party attire, and any other wedding décor you choose. This way, you get all the tranquillity of a white wedding as well as the colours you love, all without compromising!


  1. Combine Favours with Centrepieces

If you’re thinking about offering sweets as wedding favours for your guests, why not use them as centrepieces as well? Skip the expensive packaging, that will no get no doubt get used and discarded by your guests, and place your sweets in a pretty bowl in the middle of each table. This way, guests can help themselves throughout the day, making the sweets an interesting talking point as well as a delicious treat. Plus, you save money and the sweets will look super pretty as table decorations!


  1. Capture Your Henna

If you’re the bride and you’re planning on having henna tattoos for your big day, be sure to check with your photographer that he or she will get plenty of close-up pictures of them. After all, they’ll likely be as beautiful as your dress is, and will make a big impact to your bridal look on the day. If it’s also part of your cultural tradition to wear henna tattoos, these are shots that you simply won’t want to miss. Images of your hands along with your new husband’s and your rings can make absolutely stunning additions to your wedding album.


  1. Treat Your Guests to Cookies

Choosing wedding favours that everyone will love can be one of the hardest parts of planning your big day. After all, tastes will vary between your guests and you’ll be feeling the pressure to please everybody. Well, when it comes to great wedding favours, it’s hard to go wrong with food – especially sweet food! Baking can be a low-cost option and also offers a lovely personal touch. Why not ask a friend or a close relative to help you to bake up a batch of yummy cookies to leave on the tables for your guests? Heart shapes are particularly cute and you can ice them to match your wedding colours, or even personalise them with the initials of each guest!


  1. Add Candles to Your Décor

We all know that candles create a beautifully cosy feel in the home, and we’re used to seeing them on restaurant tables and even on wedding tables. But have you ever considered making them an integral part of your wedding décor scheme? If your venue will allow it, adding candles can look simply stunning. Use them to line your aisle, light your outside area, or work in groups as centrepieces – you’ll create effortless ambience in no time!


  1. Serve Quirky Drinks

Who says you have to serve champagne during cocktail hour? If you’re not a fan, or if you’d simply like something different, the ditch the bubbly and go for another drink you enjoy! Think mojitos, cocktails, Pimms, or punch! Whatever you choose, make a big deal of it, serving it in pretty glasses, with all the trimmings and cute straws. Your guests will love having something away from the norm!


  1. Personalise Your Gifts

Finding the right gift for your bridal party and ‘VIPs’ can be tricky. Even if they’re usually easy to buy for, this isn’t any old gift. You want something that says thank you and will serve as a reminder of the day forever. Well, nothing shows thoughtfulness and appreciation more than something created just for them! Why not have a cute mug printed or some jewellery engraved for them? This kind of gift is really extra special and your loved ones will enjoy the personal touch.

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